• Generally bad time of year with current weather conditions and recent storm prices are rising as of the 27/5

  • POTATOES - Prices are rising

  • CABBAGE - Prices have increased, availability ok

  • CAULIFLOWERS - still very high in price and availability not consistent

  • PUMPKIN - Plentiful and well priced

  • SPRING ONIONS - Due to damage of  storm we foresee a shortage and price rise along with other leaf lines  





  • BLUEBERRIES - Not in season

  • ORANGES - Naval's in good supply from MOORA, prices starting to ease

  • FEIJOAS - Finishing 

  • GRAPES - Red and Green both finished

  • STRAWBERRIES -are a winter fruit, won't be long and we will start seeing excellent quality / colour and taste.





  • due to recent weather supply is not great or consistant




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