Midland Growers acts as your personal wholesale produce buyer.  If you need special packaging requirements just give us a call to discuss and we will make it happen!

Our warehouse and office is located at the Perth Markets Canning Vale –  the largest wholesale  market in Perth.  Be assured that we are always working to purchase the most superior quality and the most competitively priced produce possible for you.  That is our mission.

•    Fruit and Vegetables – We are available to purchase on your behalf any day of the week on the buyers floor except SATURDAYS.  We are on the job bright and early on these days to make sure you get the pick of the bunch.

•    Salads –  we source the best salad mixes and combinations from the food processors around the metropolitan area.  We have several processors to choose from so you can be guaranteed the best is selected for you and the freshest it can possibly be.

    Flowers –  we have ongoing contacts with suppliers, so tell us your needs and we will source it for you.

•    Specials – rest assured whatever your buying banner is, we can deliver your in store specials as per your franchise arrangement.

•    Where is it grown? – wherever possible we provide local produce first.  Then we choose Australian produce, and if necessary we source overseas produce.  If the produce is not individually marked, your invoice will most definitely denote the place of origin.


OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU As rural people ourselves we know how important your reputation is in a small country town. We will not compromise in our efforts to consistently provide you with high quality fresh produce. We believe our produce must not only look superb on your display, it must also deliver on taste and on health benefits. If our produce doesn’t meet your expectations we will go out of our way to rectify the problem to your entire satisfaction or refund your money.


High quality fresh produce guaranteed


Outstanding value for money
We recognise the challenges of a rising cost of living especially in the bush. We are therefore committed to giving you outstanding value for money for all produce you buy.

Personalised service
We are a family business committed to giving you personalised service. If you ever need anything out of the ordinary, we will be pleased to go out of our way to get it. We accept total responsibility for the products and services your receive. When you contact us you won’t be given the run-around by staff who can’t make a decision or accept responsibility. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss something we undertake to personally answer the phone whenever possible or get back to you immediately upon our return.

Quality control
As owners we are fastidious about maintaining quality control, this begins from the moment we select the stock at the market. We check all produce at every stage from transportation, storage, packaging and delivery to ensure it meets stringent control standards and arrives in the best possible condition.

We are committed to honour any promises or commitments made. Whether it be on dates, times, deliveries or quality – so far as they are within our control. If there is an unforeseen delay or change in circumstances we shall keep you informed before you find the need to enquire.

Respect and value
Finally you are the lifeblood of our organisation regardless of the size of your order or your location. We will always treat you with respect as a person and value your support and feedback.

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